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"I get Orlando a lot. We often get mistaken for each other. Recently we appeared at Comic-Con together and Orlando looked at me and said, “Dude – this is just weird! We could be brothers.” It’s a compliment for me, of course."

Luke Evans on being mistaken for Orlando Bloom

NO NOPE help me lord jesus 

But Luke is sooo much better looking (sorry Bethany lol)

in those pics i could definitely tell who is who but that gif, yeah you got me.

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Dear future Doms and Tumblr Dom wanna be’s


Being a Dom does not mean you can demand nudes.

Being a Dom does not mean everyone wants to fuck you.

Being a Dom does not mean you can treat people how ever you like.

Being a Dom is about being respective and caring of your submissive partner.

Being a Dom is a title that is given to you by your sub, not something you can demand of strangers online.

Please for all our sakes, just stop!

being a dom is like being a parent or guardian, you respect, you take care of, and you always think of the other person first.

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Dean has emotional baggage.

Sam has emotional baggage.

The difference is Dean will not let go of his suitcases, even to eat, and he uses them to bludgeon his brother.

The difference is Dean orders Sam to leave his suitcases behind at bus stations and motels because he doesn’t want to see them in Sam’s hands. He doesn’t want to know Sam has them.

They keep getting sent back to Sam though, often with more inside them than before, souvenirs from Hell, from Ruby, from soullessness, and souvenirs from his big brother, weighing the bags down, making them bigger. But if Sam can’t ditch them somewhere fast enough he has to physically hide them from Dean. He has to pretend they aren’t in the room.

Meanwhile, Dean gets to unzip his bags and toss stuff out sometimes. And often he actually throws the stuff in there at Sam, hurting him. And often he lists off what’s in his bag, even though Sam gets flack and even gets hit with one of Dean’s suitcases for doing it.

And sometimes? Sometimes Sam is even expected to pick up the items strewn around the room and put them into his own suitcases.

He’s not wanting to carry Dean’s stuff around right now, cause Dean bludgeoned him with his suitcases and didn’t apologize. Because he’s tired of Dean listing off his stuff when he’s not allowed to talk about the fact he even has suitcases too. He’s not wanting to pick up stuff he shouldn’t have to just because it’s what Dean expects him to do.